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The future of our mobility is electric - and that doesn't just apply to the automobile. E-scooters are light, can be easily operated by older children, adolescents or adults and have low running costs. In the big cities they are already an integral part of the streetscape, but the claim that such a product is not worthwhile in the countryside is mistaken: there have long been more stable, larger e-scooters with more endurance and range.

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MODSTER SC L7 e Skateboard 90mm 2x450W 36V 7.5A longboard
MODSTER SC L7 e Skateboard 90mm 2x450W 36V 7.5A...
MODSTER SC L7 - The perfect skateboard for everyday use! With the SC L7 you are not only fast, but can also go very far thanks to the powerful drive! The e-skateboard is equipped with a dual-stroke motor. The board owes its stable...
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  • Fast and high range
  • Stable structure
  • LED floor lighting

The devices can be charged at any standard socket. This means that you as a driver are extremely flexible and can easily get fuel wherever you are. This is not possible with a moped or motorcycle.

Light, foldable models for the city

In Vienna, Munich or Graz, the smaller, light models are more in demand, with which one can casually and elegantly circle pedestrian traffic in the shopping streets. In addition, they can be folded up quickly and easily in order to take the underground or tram to a few stations in between. But sales of the devices are also increasing in rural areas. MODSTER offers models for these purposes, too. They feature more driving comfort and safety.

Thanks to increasingly powerful batteries and environmentally friendly energy recovery systems, they can also cover distances of up to 40 kilometers. But it's not just about range, it's also about speed. After all, you don't want to crawl forward for hours at a snail's pace.

How fast is an e-scooter?

The latest generation of drives in e-scooters makes it possible to achieve considerable speeds of up to 40 km / h. If you think it's slow, you should just keep your hand out of the window with a car moving at this speed. Our scooter models achieve up to 600 watts of power. Many are equipped with a particularly environmentally friendly energy recovery system. Similar to the cars in Formula 1, it uses the energy generated during braking for additional thrust. This increases the range of the scooter.

How heavy is an e-scooter?

First of all, you should be clear about where and what you want to use your scooter for. Our range includes models weighing only around 8 kg - ideal for routes where maneuverability and flexibility are required. But for those who often travel on longer, sometimes somewhat uneven, stretches, we recommend the MODSTER M550 or M530. Although they are heavier (partly because they have larger batteries with a longer range), but also more stable and more comfortable for longer journeys.

Balance, tricks, drive

In addition to the e-scooters, MODSTER also offers e-boards, such as the hoverboard, for comfortable movement and fun with balancing and practicing tricks. We also have e-bikes such as the M760. Thanks to its folding function and low weight, it can be stowed and transported very practically, but it also offers good driving performance.

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