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The brand MODSTER convinces by first-classy quality and an outstanding procession as well as by various and technical innovative products. MODSTER is considered to be a guarantor for quality, competence and service, combined with fair prices. We sell effecient models, which symbolize the newest status of technology. Our high requirements are reflected in our high-classy products.

Because of that, MODSTER centers a continously progression, which is the base for our permanent improved products. Our model planes, remote controlled cars, boats as well as drones and quadrocopters already persuade a high number of customers.

Further, we offer first-classy equipment and the possibility to get replacement equipment or additional batteries easyly and fast. Nevertheless, if the speed controller, LiPo packs or receivers – we have for every need immidateley the adaptive article.

On ground of our longtime experience in model sport and electric driven products, we decided in 2015 to expand our product line in the section e-mobility. Since that, we provide with light scooters, e-bikes, hoverboards as well as e-skateboards long-living products, which bring fun and fitness at the same time.

This photo shows the headquarter of MSG Online GmBH in Deutschlandsberg in the region Steiermark. MODSTER is one subsidary of the company. We are a young, dynamic team composed of experts, influencers and experienced pilots. For more than 40 years, we represent with the mother brand Schweighofer high-classy products and personal/ sympathic service in the areas RC and modeling. Also the brand Atombody – a multisport food brand (www.atombody.at) – is member of this family.

At our webpage www.der-schweighofer.at you can discover more than 150.000 articles of more than 500 brands. Thereunder are brand-new 4K drones, remote controlled cars, plane models, electric boats and much else! Nearby the online shop we provide in our stores in Munich, Vienna and Deutschlandsberg a competent, individualized face-to-face consulting. Exactly as in our webstore, our huge product line/ assortment of e-scooters, e-balancers, e-skateboards and much more is available there.

MODSTER: Our aims – our requirement
- We deliver the newest innovations and present them in our weekly newsletter!
- We guarant best prices!
- We have a huge product choice across over a high number of brands!
- We ensure save online shopping with certificated shopping and payment systems!
- We have an excellent logistic as well as a magnificent customer service!

At MODSTER products and customer relationships are made-to-last

A lot of our products are quality certificated, were designed among european safety standards and improve continously through the permanent refining of the manufacture. MODSTER signifies for the durability of ist products and, by tension the long-lasting customer relationships.

Remote controled cars for offroad fun and fast pace

Our car models are characterized by their mobility, reliability and speed. We provide with lightning speed onroad racer for adrenalin junkies and speed. Those models are made of robust, but still light materials. Furthermore they have powerful brushless-motors, which warrant unique driving fun.

Otherwise we have real offroad-monster in our assortment, which cope with every subsoil and every pitch. They are resistent to any grunge and small stones. Optional they have high grip wheels, which guarantee perfect stability in combination with the ball differentials.

Current versions for optimized performance titles like the MODSTER Dune Racer V2, den MODSTER Ultralight Alu S4 or the MODSTER ASW 28 V2 already predicate it: They are the matured, improved versions of the prototypes. And we still keep on developing them constantly! Permanent check-ups as well as direct feedback of experts and customers put the products to the proof. In our shops is just available, what passes these various tests.

Aeroplanes: glider, slowflyer or jet models

In our assortment of model flight you can find many different stilistic directions: Classical glider and aerobatic flight models or rapid jet- and electric flight models afford a great flight experience. We also have classical fighter planes, which are runned by propellers, so-called warbirds in model accurately map scale.

Drones and quadrocopter

Our portfolio in the section drones is of the category race copter, which are distinguished by fast-paced flight and spectaculous, agile maneuvors. The quadrocopters are characterized by their stabile, balanced frame and their low weight. An additional feature are our ultramodern flight controllers, which enable blazing fast reacting.

Ships and boats

Our ship models are absolutely waterproof and guarant longliving action plus lots of fun on the water. They don’t abdicate anything in aspect of capacity and speed compared to the cars. Up to 70 km/h they race on ponds, lakes, creeks, rivers and at the sea. Our robust models of raceboats and sailing yachts are same operational at ebb as flow and at wind like sunshine.

E-mobility: economic, sustainable mobility is fun and keeps fit

The future of mobility in our (small and big) cities are possessed by mobility. This has many good reasons, beginning from the unrivaled efficiency over environmental sustainability to the fastest possibility to come from one spot to another. And the best: electric mobility keeps you fit and brings a lot of fun!

Discover the world of electric mobility and become part of a new trend now!


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