Dear MODSTER customers,
the MODSTER team does everything every day to offer you a great shop & service. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at customersupport@modster.at. Many things can be clarified faster: Here we provide answers to frequently asked questions about ordering, shipping, etc., as well as helpful model-making terms.



What happens after I place an order?
You will receive an automatic confirmation email immediately after receiving your order. This summarizes all the important parameters of your order as well as important information about delivery, acceptance and return. Please read them carefully to familiarize yourself with your rights in the event of any complaints.

How do I cancel my order?
Any order cancellation needs to be done by our customer support team via email to customersupport@modster.at/de. Please make sure to mention your order number!

Can I make changes to the products I have ordered?
Unfortunately, this is not possible.

Where can I change my address?
Of course, we endeavor to process your order as quickly as possible so that the goods are with you soon. Therefore unfortunately, we cannot change your address after receiving your order.

Do I have to provide my phone number?
You do not have to provide your phone number for the ordering process. But you are helping us to provide fast and reliable service.
We only use your telephone number for urgent queries. It will not be passed on to third parties.

Returns and complaints
How long will it take for my return to be processed?
In the interest of our customers, we carefully check returned products. This can take a little time to process. If you have not received any money two weeks after the return, please contact our customer support team via email at customersupport@modster.at. Please make sure to mention your order number! Our payment to you is made in the same way as your payment to us.

What do I have to consider when returning or exchanging goods?
Please register every return in writing. You are welcome to use the return form provided, but you do not have to. In order to be able to grant your right to exchange or exchange, we ask for the goods to be carefully packaged. You can find all the necessary steps for the return in the section “How does the return of my parcel work (`Retoure´)?”

How do I get my money back?
If you exercise your right of withdrawal, you will receive the full purchase amount back in the same way you paid for your order. An exception only applies if you want a different route. In this case, we ask you to inform us in writing to customersupport@modster.at.

What should I do if the package arrives damaged?
In the event of obvious damage from shipping, please notify the parcel delivery company immediately or refuse to accept it. We can no longer accept a later complaint regarding delivery damage.

What should I do if an item is defective?
Please report your complaint by email to customersupport@modster.at with a precise description of the defect and ideally with photos. Only when we or the manufacturer decide whether the item is faulty or whether a repair is sensible or possible should you send us the item. This process is intended to help avoid unnecessary shipping and unnecessary delivery costs if the item may not be defective at all. You can find further details and process steps in the section “How does the return of my parcel work (`Retoure´)?”

What products can I return?
You can return unopened products to us up to two weeks after purchase. In this case, you will receive the purchase price from us in the same way that you paid.

How long does the delivery take?
A normal delivery takes 1-3 days within Austria. It is about 2 days more to Germany or Switzerland.
As soon as your products are in the shopping cart, you will be shown an approximate delivery date.

How much are the shipping costs?
Unfortunately, you cannot make a general statement on this. It depends on the country and the quantity ordered. Your personal delivery costs will be displayed in the shopping cart when you order (of course before paying!).

Why am I seeing an error message?
With online orders it can happen in a few cases, that something does not work technically. Classic first aid measures for this are the use of another browser (e.g. Firefox instead of Chrome or vice versa) or an incognito window.
If this does not help, please contact our support team by email. Or, if possible, take a screenshot and send it to us by email including a brief explanation to customersupport@modster.at.



Which parcel service does the shipment?
We usually send our goods via DHL, GLS and the Austrian Postal Service.

Can I have my order delivered to a Packstation?
This is possible at DHL as well as the Austrian and German Postal Service.

How does shipment tracking work?
As soon as your package leaves our house, you will receive a tracking link by email. You can use it to track where your delivery is currently and when it will be with you.

My package is still not there - what can I do?
When your order is shipped, you will receive a tracking link by email, which you can use to track the status of the delivery. If this does not work or if you have any questions, please contact our service team at customersupport@modster.at.

My package has been damaged in shipping - what can I do?
Please check your parcel immediately upon acceptance. In the case of parcels with obvious transport damage, please notify the deliverer upon acceptance and indicate that the damage will be noted - or refuse acceptance entirely.
If necessary, check the contents for completeness and damage in the presence of the deliverer. If necessary, contact us by email as soon as possible: customersupport@modster.at.
Later complaints due to damage or missing content cannot be accepted. The reason for this is, that we may not be able to assert our own claims against the carrier or the transport insurance.

How does the return of my parcel work (“Retoure”)?
You have the right to withdraw from purchases via our online shop within 14 days without giving a reason. The return to us then works as follows:

    1. Packing
      Please send us the goods in their original packaging, undamaged, without any signs of use and including all labels, carefully packed back.


    1. Enclose documents
      Please fill out our cancellation form and enclose it with a copy of the invoice. Please note: Without an express declaration of intent and a copy of the invoice, we cannot process the revocation or can only process it with a delay - in such a case, we unfortunately have to charge a processing fee of EUR 29.
    1. Sending
      If the package is well sealed, you can now stamp it with sufficient postage.


    1. Wait for the email
      After checking the return in our house, you will be informed about the further procedure. A confirmation with all details will follow via email.

Return address:
MSG Online GmbH
Wirtschaftspark 9
8530 Deutschlandsberg

To meet the deadline, the return must be sent within the 14 days. If the return is not perfect (e.g. use beyond testing, contamination, damage to the goods or the original packaging ...), deductions will be made when the purchase price is reimbursed. Please make sure to return the entire scope of delivery of the returned product including the original packaging, otherwise we cannot refund the purchase price!

Please keep the shipping receipt! In the event of a package loss, we need this for traceability. We only take responsibility if the package has reached our warehouse. You will be informed by email as soon as we have received the package.

If you have canceled the contract, we have to repay all your payments for this product immediately and at the latest within 14 days from the day on which we received the affected goods. This includes the shipping costs, but with the exception of the additional costs, that result from the fact, that you have chosen a different type of delivery than the cheapest standard delivery we offer. For this repayment, we use the same means of payment that you used in the original transaction, unless expressly agreed otherwise. Under no circumstances will you be charged any fees for this repayment. Refunds will only be made after the goods have been received in full.



The payment methods shown at the end of the ordering process are available to you. We reserve the right to restrict the choice of payment methods in individual cases.
Here you will find all options to pay in our online shop. You can always see the payment methods available to you under "Payment" in the order field under the step "buy now".

What payment methods are there at MODSTER?
You have various payment options: credit card (Visa or Mastercard), Sofortüberweisung, Klarna (pay per bill) and PayPal.

Credit card
100% secure payment
Your security is always our top priority, which is why we apply the utmost care and the highest security standards when handling your personal data. For the secure transmission of customer data in the ordering process and in particular credit card data, we use a secure transmission method - the so-called "Secure Socket Layer" (SSL) transmission.

Mastercard Secure Code / Verified by VISA
This is a security code activation by your credit card provider. You received this when you activated your credit card. Please contact your credit card provider if you do not have a code.

Sofortüberweisung is one of the simplest and safest online payment services with TÜV-certified data protection. The transfer takes place in real time and is therefore faster than prepayment. You don't have to register, top up an intermediate account or enter your credit card details. The only thing you need is an online bank account.
Sofortüberweisung is a free service and there are no transaction costs.

Payment process
Select Sofortüberweisung as the payment method during the ordering process. After you have confirmed the order, you can log in with your bank code or BIC and confirm your payment with PIN and TAN.

Please state your order number and the name under which the order was placed on the transfer receipt or in your e-banking order in order to ensure quick processing. As soon as the amount arrives in our account, we can continue to process your order.

PayPal is an online payment service that enables you to pay online easily, quickly and securely. All you need is a PayPal account that works like an online bank account. Registration is free. You store your data there once and can shop safely at any online shop that offers Paypal without having to enter or pass on data each time.

Payment process
Select PayPal as the payment method during the ordering process. After confirming the order, you will be quickly guided through the payment process without having to enter any further data. Once this process has been completed, we will continue to process the order.
If you have not completed the payment process during the online order, you can make it later at any time. To do this, go to 'Orders' on your PayPal account under 'My account' and click on 'Not yet paid - pay now'. Once the payment has been made, we can continue to process the order.

Here please find our current bank details.


In cooperation with Klarna Bank AB (publ), Sveavägen 46, 111 34 Stockholm, Sweden, we offer the following payment options.

Payment is made to Klarna:

    1. Invoice: The payment period is 14 days from the dispatch of the goods. You can find the invoice conditions here.
    2. Installment purchase: With Klarna's financing service, you can flexibly pay for your purchase in monthly installments of at least 1/24 of the total amount (but at least EUR 6.95) or under the conditions otherwise specified in the cash register. The installment payment is due at the end of the month after Klarna sends a monthly invoice. For more information on hire purchase including general terms and conditions and standard European consumer credit information, click here.
    3. Sofortüberweisung: Your account is debited immediately after placing the order.
    4. Direct debit: The debit is made after the goods have been dispatched. You will be informed of the time by email. More information can be found here.
    5. Credit card (Visa / Mastercard): Available in Austria. The debit takes place after dispatch of the goods or tickets / availability of the service or in the case of a subscription according to the communicated times.

The use of the payment methods invoice, hire purchase and direct debit requires a positive credit check. You can find more information and Klarna's user conditions here.
General information on Klarna is available here. Klarna will treat your personal data in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations and in accordance with the information in Klarna's data protection regulations.

Please enter your order number and the name, under which the order was placed, on the transfer slip or in the e-banking order. This ensures rapid processing.


What is the MODSTER bank account?
MSG Online GmbH
Bank: Raiffeisenbank Deutschlandsberg
IBAN: AT22 3804 3000 0000 3228

What should I do if I have problems with PayPal payment?
You can also send money via PayPal instead of transferring it. Enter the email address paypal@der-schweighofer.at. Our service team will be happy to help you at customersupport@modster.at.

What do I basically do if I have problems with payment?
You can contact our support team at customersupport@modster.at for all questions about ordering, payment and shipping. It usually responds within 24 hours.


Is there a fee for the newsletter?
No, the MODSTER newsletter is of course free! With him you will regularly receive valuable tips on new products, promotions and discounts on MODSTER.at.

How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter?
There is a button for this at the end of each newsletter. One click is enough, and we will take you out of the distribution list. If you still receive emails, please let our service team know at customersupport@modster.at. Thank you!

I didn't get my voucher!
In the mail with the first newsletter you will find a link to confirm receipt. As soon as you have done this, you will receive your MODSTER welcome voucher!


How do I redeem my vouchers at MODSTER?
During the ordering process on MODSTER.at, more precisely when paying, you can use the voucher / discount code. Before you click on the "Checkout" button, you will see the field "I have a voucher" in the middle. If you tick the box, you have the option of entering the letters or numbers of your voucher code.


Important terms and abbreviations in model sports

In the model sports industry, there are sometimes different names for the same thing or the same conditions. The definition of the different manufacturers is not always identical.
Therefore, MODSTER has introduced a uniform definition system for the kit versions of the individual RC products. This does not necessarily correspond to every single manufacturer designation. For example, an ARTF (Almost Ready to Fly) is only designated as such if it has a built-in or enclosed drive and / or servos. We use the following definitions for our products:

Scope of delivery for vehicle models

    1. Kit

is a model for real model builders. The model must first be assembled from the delivered parts. Electronics such as motor, controller, remote control etc. are not included here.

  1. ARR (Almost Ready to Run)

The model is already completely pre-assembled here. The motor is included, but not remote control / receiver or battery.

  1. BND (Bind and Drive)

Special designation of the manufacturer Horizon: Similar to ARR, but here there is already a spectrum receiver. What is still missing are remote control and battery.

  1. RTR (Ready to Run)

This model is ready to drive, that means including electronics, often a driving battery with charger is included. The only thing that has to be procured here in most cases is batteries for the transmitter or fuel (in the case of a combustion engine).

  1. 100% RTR (Ready to Run)
    A special designation of the brands Tamiya / Carson. It contains everything you need to start driving straight away: fully assembled model with remote control, drive battery, charger, transmitter batteries. Models with the designation "RTR" have a remote control at Carson / Tamiya, but no battery or charger included in the set.


Scope of delivery of flight models

  1. Kit
    is a model for real model builders. The prefabricated wooden parts are mostly punched and lasered here. Real assembly and tinkering with the model is clearly in the foreground for kits.
  2. ARC (Almost Ready To Cover)
    The wings, fuselage and tail surfaces are uncovered or unpainted.
  3. ARC-KIT (Almost Ready To Cover)
    Similar to the ARC models. In some cases, installation work for frames etc. is still necessary.
  4. ARF-KIT (Almost Ready Fly Kit)
    is a prefabricated kit model, in which the surfaces are almost finished. The surfaces are covered or varnished, the fuselage colored or varnished. Individual work - such as installing the frames - still has to be carried out. An example of this are models with fully covered wings: the fuselages are colored, but the installation of all frames (and the like) still has to be done by yourself.
  5. ARF (Almost Ready Fly)
    is an almost finished model, in which only small adhesive and assembly work or the RC and drive installation have to be carried out.
  6. ARTF (Almost Ready To Fly)
    is an "ARF model" with built-in or enclosed drive and / or servos.
  7. RTF (Ready To Fly)
    is an "ARTF model" with built-in drive, servos, receiver and remote control. Most of our RTF kits also include a drive battery and charger in the set. The model is ready to fly in a very short time.


Mode 1 to Mode 4
Remote controls for model making are sometimes delivered in different modes (also known as “stick mode”). These modes can be changed on many remote controls. The most popular mode is Mode 2, because here the gas (or “engine speed” or “pitch”) is on the left controller and is controlled with the right hand. There is a total of four different, common types of transmitter settings. The gas or engine speed function (“pitch” on the model helicopter) runs via a non-self-neutralizing stick. In many models, this can be set in terms of strength and grid.

The designation of the functions in comparison

Model airplane

Model helicopters

Throttle (engine speed)







stern (gear)


Information regarding the use of e-mobility devices.

The use of electric scooters, single and double wheels and skateboards is regulated differently in each country. Every user is obliged to inform him- or herself about the respective regulations and laws and to obey them.

Legal situation in Austria
1. E-scooter
a. E-scooters up to a design speed of up to 25 km / h are considered electric bicycles. Therefore, these can be used by everyone from the age of 12 or with a bicycle license from 10 years on the road, as well as on bike paths.
b. E-scooters with a design speed of over 25 km / h are subject to the same legal regulations as mopeds. The E-scooters E-Twow Booster S2, Booster S2 Plus Samsung and Booster V, that we offer, may only be used on private property.

2. One / Twin Wheeler
are in Austria – provided, that the design speed is below 25 km / h - in principle neither insurance nor approval and are legally equivalent to the bicycle in public transport. Accordingly, if available, bike paths must be used, otherwise the lane. One / Twin Wheelers may be ridden by anyone over the age of 12 or with a bicycle license from age 10. The same equipment regulations apply as for bicycles.
Driving with the knee handle is not permitted in Austrian road traffic.

3. E-skateboard
a. The same legal status as under 1b) is to be assumed here.

Legal situation in Germany
1. E-scooter
a. At present, it applies to all E-scooters, that they are not street legal and can therefore only be used on private property; failure to do so can be punished and then leads to points at the German Federal Motor Transport Authority in Flensburg.
b. This does not apply to E-scooters with number plates (= street legal like mopeds)

Requirements for this in Germany:
1. Number plate holder
2. Front and rear brakes
3. Light plus brake light
4. Two exterior mirrors
5. Bell or horn

2. One / Twin Wheeler
Same situation as with the e-scooter

Same situation as with the e-scooter
Germany is currently working on a change in the legal situation.

Other countries (except Austria and Germany)
Please note the current legal situation.

This information is not guaranteed and may be subject to changes by the respective legislators (as of March 31, 2016).

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