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LiPo Pack 3S 11,1V 5200 mAh 35C (EC3) MODSTER WhiteLine Car Hardcase

LiPo Pack 3S 11,1V 5200 mAh 35C (EC3) MODSTER WhiteLine Car Hardcase
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LiPo Pack 3S 11,1V 5200 mAh 35C (EC3) MODSTER WhiteLine Car Hardcase

  • MD11801
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  • MD11801
  • Product information "LiPo Pack 3S 11,1V 5200 mAh 35C (EC3) MODSTER WhiteLine Car Hardcase"


    MODSTER WhiteLine: Sensational price & performance ratio!


    With the battery series WhiteLine MODSTER offers a high-quality range of different battery types. The main focus of the series is to supply power to different products from a variety of manufacturers.


    WhiteLine rechargeable batteries are available in several C-ratios and the offer is constantly updated and adapted to your needs by MODSTER.


    In the name of the product are always mentioned the connectors:

    Deans, EC5, MPX and many more! The balancer connector is always ,,XHR".

    All WhiteLine battery packs are assembled only with closely selected cells (deviation +/- 2%).


    This honest battery line comes from one of the largest producers of Lithium-Polymer batteries in the world. The batteries are assembled, tested and packed especially for MODSTER after careful cell selection. Elaborate quality assurance processes during production and before delivery ensure consistently high quality.


    Lithium batteries are rechargeable batteries with very high energy density and require special care in handling, as well as charging/discharging.



    • Preheating of cold accumulators increases performance and service life
    • Storage temperature at room temperature of 20-25°
    • Always store in a partially charged state at approx. 60%
    • Protect from short circuit, damage, overheating, deep discharge and overcharging
    • Only charge with a charger suitable for lithium batteries with the correct charging program outside the model and on a fireproof surface
    • Do not use or charge batteries with cell damage or in a swollen state, but dispose of them properly
    • Never charge or discharge unattended!
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