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Battery MODSTER Ultra Power AAA Micro Blister 4 pieces

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Battery MODSTER Ultra Power AAA Micro Blister 4 pieces

  • MD10055
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    • Reliable performance
    • Long -lasting and precise
    • For a wide variety of everyday devices
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  • MD10055
  • Product information "Battery MODSTER Ultra Power AAA Micro Blister 4 pieces"


    Brand quality for everyday use!

    With a long-lasting and precise energy output, these AA alkaline batteries from MODSTER are the ideal energy source for a wide variety of everyday devices with average consumption.


    This includes electrical devices such as remote controls, flashlights, alarm clocks or wall clocks. With the batteries, you will always have an independent power supply at hand in case of power outages or any other emergency.


    The batteries from MODSTER offer you reliable performance and a long shelf life at a very good price-performance ratio.




    • Preheating of cold accumulators increases performance and service life
    • Storage temperature at room temperature of 20-25°
    • Always store in a partially charged state at approx. 60%
    • Protect from short circuit, damage, overheating, deep discharge and overcharging
    • Only charge with a charger suitable for lithium batteries with the correct charging program outside the model and on a fireproof surface
    • Do not use or charge batteries with cell damage or in a swollen state, but dispose of them properly
    • Never charge or discharge unattended!
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